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Global Poverty Rates


Global Poverty

The Cause: Poverty Alleviation
The Viz: Global Poverty Rates
The Designer: Carl Allchin
In their own words: ”Global poverty rates are contentious at what level you want to set, so why not allow the user to select the ‘poverty rate’ that they think is acceptable?

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Guinness, one of the most iconic beer brands in the world is often considered healthier than other drinks due to its supposed high content of iron. But do you know healthy? This infographic digs into juicy stats to bring you the truth! However, we’d always choose the mighty pint over any bag of nuts! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Apparently it’s a great day for the boys today! 


Grab your tuxedo’s, or favourite glass ware if you’re watching from home -  it’s time for the 2014 British Academy Film Awards!

We decided to dig into the data behind the nominees, to reveal some interesting stories, facts and stats.  Over the next few hours we’ll be releasing eight film facts visually and unleash the appropriate data we found to the open data community.

The Buzzfeed article on Leonardo’s Di Caprio’s lack of Oscars was a real office talking point, hence the first visual we released is in tribute to the man himself -


Gathering the Data 

Prior to the BAFTAs, we conducted research on historical film data in order to produce an editorial infographic with information about the nominees that would resonate with our audience and fellow film buffs.

We have delivered the following:

1. A selection of bitesized infographics with the nominees for the awards of best film, best director, best actor and best actress.

2. Historical data on interesting facts about the BAFTA Award nominations.

We initially targeted two very reliable sources; the official BAFTA 2014 website and IMDB which have the full record of winners and nominees. Sadly, neither of the sources allow users to download the data, so we began to use Wikipedia and its open license.  All information was later verified.

The Tableau BAFTA Nominees Data Visualisation we’ve created summarises more than 50 years of BAFTAs. Here you have all the information about who was the best actor, best actress and best director since 1953 and also who was nominated. If you would like to explore the data by yourself, have a look at the Original Data and create your own graphics! Don’t forget to show us what you have done!

The Result:

After organising the data, we uncovered some interesting and juicy facts.

Did you know..

Martin Scorsese is the director with the most nominations (eight before 2014) but he only won once. The interesting fact is that his bad luck was apparently transmitted to Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio, two actors who played main roles on many of his films and that never won a BAFTA despite of their nominations.

Did you know..

That Alfonso Cuaron had to wait 4.5 years to make Gravity because when he first had the idea applicable technology wasn’t available.

Keep a look out for all the BAFTA infographics on Twitter Facebook and Instagram.  Good luck to all the nominees, we’re certain it won’t fail to disappoint!


Infographic: a closer look at ‘selfie’


1982 - Near to the time I was born.  Still as relevant as ever today.  RS #accountmanagement #comms

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Travellers Tails: Taking your dog on holiday


Sport participation by the numbers |

New #Interactive #dataviz exploring how factors such as major sporting events and weather have affected Sport uptake in England, UK.


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